2008 INSPIRED BY William Traver Gallery Tacoma, WA

2008 LOOKING FORWARD William Traver Gallery Tacoma, WA

2007 NOW William Traver Gallery Tacoma, WA

2007 LOCAL 253 Fulcrum Gallery Tacoma, WA

2006 EXPLORING TRANSPARENCY Dubuque Museum of Art Dubuque, IA

2006 ART IN EMBASSIES PROGRAM Spaso House Moscow, Russia

2005 PILCHUCK 20 Stewart Galleries Boise, ID

2005 COCKTAILS AT 5 Facere Art Gallery Seattle, WA

2005 GOBLETS 2005 Glasshouse Studio Seattle, WA

2003 ARTISTS OF MY ERA Bubba Mavis Seattle, WA

2001 RAISED IN ILLINOIS: The Cultivation of Glass Quad City Arts Center Rock Island, IL

2000 PILCHUCK SHOW History of the World Gallery Camano Island, WA

2000 PILCHUCK SUMMER STAFF SHOW Pilchuck Glass School Stanwood, WA

1999 LOCAL ARTISTS Young & Constantin Gallery Wilmington, VT

1996 LIGHT TANKS Outdoor Installation, Normal, IL