2009 CONTOUR Traver Gallery Tacoma, WA

Contour Image  


-noun- an outline especially of a curving or irregular figure

In his new body of work, Contour, Alex Stisser explores the interaction between three-dimensional form and linear gesture. As a contour line emerges from the glass figure, it moves the eye back into the form, drawing attention to intricate textures. With a high standard of craftsmanship, Stisser incorporates traditional cane patterns such as reticello and murrine to create these surfaces. Whether partnered or alone, these forms evoke a variety of different personalities ranging from the slow migration of the peaceful dorsal to the frenzied chaos of the colorful group of toys.

2007 PARTNERS Vetri Gallery Seattle, WA

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In his first solo show with Vetri Gallery, Partners, Alex Stisser explores the relationships between forms both figurative and literal, experimenting with pairing his bright glass objects. Singularly, many of the forms recall a playful mood, imitating the chunky objects which spark childhood imaginations- a submarine periscope, plastic play food, life savers candy, and brightly colored barbells. As groups these pieces bring to mind different human relationships such as mother and child, a tumultuous couple, or a group of loud, gawking teenagers.